Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie wants.


By now just about everybody seems to know of Five Nights at Freddy’s. I notice that by far most of the visitors I get a day/week/etc are here for Five Nights at Freddy’s games I’ve written about, or the fan games! And I really appreciate the visits! Since that’s such a hot topic for you guys I figured I’d put in more effort to talk about the series and some of the fan games, more so than I’ve done in the past. So I thought, on that note, about what it is now that I could talk about. The Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 dlc (I think it’s dlc anyways) that’s coming in October? Good topic, likely one I’ll talk about in the future, but not the one I wanted to discuss right now. The criticisms of the series and whether they’re valid or not? That too is likely something I’ll hit in the future. So what other big thing is there? Well no doubt you’ve seen the title, so what I chose will be no surprise at all, but I went with the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie that’s being developed!

We all know about this film by now, if you’re more than a casual Freddy’s fan. Heck, Team gamingeven if you are super casual, you’ve likely heard about it by now. The film is in the works at Warner Bros, to the excitement, and annoyance, of many. Some people think Freddy is overhyped and is getting too much attention. Other think it’s great and earns the attention it gets (I’m in this camp, in case it matters). So that brings us to the film. You either want it to be great and hope it does well or you don’t care at all, depending on what camp you’re in that I just brought up. Since I’m one of the fans of the series I want the film to be a success. But what entails a success? The bottom line is the cash earned; even if the fans and critics hate it completely the true success of any film lies in the dollar amount earned. At least to the people who stand to gain something from it. I think it lies in how overall it’s received by fans and critics. The money is undoubtedly important but how the fans and critics view it as well is also a factor. For example, The Dark Knight (2008) isn’t the highest earning hero film of all time, yet it still to this day retains the highest critical rating of any hero film, including everything by rival company Marvel. It may not have made the most money but the fans and critics have still placed it number 1 when it comes to hero films. That’s a big deal! It proves that you don’t have to be the biggest earner of all time in order to produce a major hit.

So what does this Freddy film need to be a winner with the fans? I can only answer from my viewpoint; we all have our thoughts on what it needs to have and to be, and all of my thoughts may be completely different than yours and others. That’s part of the fun of talking about something like this! So to me the film needs to have a strong core, while leaving creative room for the rest of the film. Here we go!

1. Real animatronics. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that depending on the jump scares and whatnot that it won’t be possible to use entirely real suits and things like that. But the more real the better. The fear of the film, at least to me, will rise higher and higher if you have real mechanics and suits chasing the cast around. It’ll make it feel more real than ever before, and realism is something this film MUST have. If the CG looked awesome it would help, but I’m a major advocate for realism on something like this.

2. Have some of the lore from the games be in the film. The film needs to stand on its own, and have a story that is very much driven by a new adventure and incentives. Very, very important. It needs to have its own voice in the Freddy’s world. But you can’t just ignore the video games when making the film, in particular when it comes to the lore of the game. Besides Scott Cawthorn himself nobody truly knows the full story/facts about he lore surrounding this game, and that is something that’s awesome. That also gives you plenty to work with while still retaining the mystery of the games. Maybe they pick one path of the lore and feature it, while intentionally keeping the other mysteries alive and well? I’m not sure what they can do here, but they need to keep the lore in mind from the games. Use at least some of it!

There are other things that I could want in this film if I think hard enough, but for sure these are the top 2 things I want from the Freddy film. As time moves forward I’m almost positive I’ll have even more reasons I want more from the film but for now that just about wraps it up! To me, we need realism and a good story that, while unique, has connections to the lore of the video games. A quick third point could be have good actors. A good script goes a long way but if you have crappy actors you won’t get as much out of the film, so that’s important too. How about you? What do you want to see from the film? Do you want it to succeed, or are you hoping it bombs and does miserably? Either way, let me know in the comments!


Updated: September 6, 2015 — 5:44 pm
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