Five Night’s at Freddy’s game announced: Five Nights at Freddy’s World!


I’ve mentioned before that my site seems to get the most attention for Five Nights at Freddy’s and that as a result of that I wanted to talk as much about Freddy as possible. Not so much that no other article is released, of course, but enough so that people would have something new to read. Well I have a big topic for today, and that’s a new game in the Freddy saga! But this one is going to be a bit different in 2 major ways. Here are the reasons:

1. This game won’t take place after Five Nights at Freddy’s 4, so it’s not a sequel. Every other game after the first one was a sequel so this is different for the series. But that’s not half as big as point number 2.

2. This game isn’t a horror game at all. Let that sink in. This game is not a horror game. It’s going to be a RPG that features characters from the first 4 games. What the story is and what’s going on we don’t know, but we for sure know it’s a RPG and it’s not going to be a horror game.

That was not something I was expecting, at all. But I can’t say I’m disappointed in it. A That's rightlot of people criticize the franchise for pumping out way too many games in too short of a time span, and that it needs to have more space between games, or be done with all together. Scott Cawthon didn’t listen in the fact that there is indeed another game coming, but he did in that it’s not a horror game, it’s a completely different genre. I really think that’s cool, since I’m a major fan of RPG’s. The fact that he’s stepping out in a completely different direction with the series, while still retaining what we are all familiar with, is really cool to me. There being a new game, yet again as some people would think as they sigh, isn’t a big deal. After all, how many new games do we see from these franchises each year, and yet keep playing: Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, Angry Birds, Madden NFL (or any sports game), etc? People do complain about the frequency of such games, or how there aren’t that many changes between one entry and the next, so I can see why people my think about Freddy in that way.

But at least there are changes! No one Freddy game is the exact same as the other, minus the fact that you’re trying to survive the night until 6 am. That’s it! The games play completely differently and don’t feel the same at all, at least as far as gameplay mechanics are concerned. All of the Madden games feel the same. All of the CoD and Assassin’s Creed games look and feel the same as well. There are differences, don’t get me wrong, I totally understand that, but at BEST they are very, very similar to the other games that came out previously. So why is it wrong that Freddy’s has a few similarities and games that come out more quickly than not? It’s not a big deal, all of the games have had a quality look and feel, and even if you weren’t scared by the jumpscares or the atmosphere, the games offer a ton of challenges and cool backstory to contemplate. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so if you plain don’t like Freddy’s games or think they come out far too frequently, that’s completely up to you to feel. I just don’t think it’s a big deal that we see the amount of games we’ve seen, especially since the newest one isn’t even a horror game at all but takes a completely different direction.

So what can we expect to see out of this new direction? Will it be canon to what we have seen in the other games? Is it a spin-off that has no real connection to the others? That I’m not sure of, but all I can say is when we’ve seen Mario dip into other genre’s Nintendo has done a great job of still connecting him doing the other games with his more “normal” games, so I see no reason why this game can’t have at least some connection to the others. Then again, why would the animatranoics be teaming up to fight enemies together? Or better yet, who is the enemy? Are you playing as a security guard who’s fighting the animatronics? It’s all something fun to contemplate and I’m thrilled about that. As much as I don’t think it’s a big deal that we see Freddy games more frequently I really am a fan that this time around it’s totally unique and different. But now I’m more curious than anything. Hopefully we get to learn more soon about who we’re playing as and what we’re trying to accomplish. I’ll post a new article as soon as I read more!

Updated: September 17, 2015 — 4:54 pm
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