Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 is coming this October 31st!


Five Nights at Freddy’s. To some people that name means a great, or even wonderful game. To others it means an overhyped game that should have stopped after the first installment. To yet others it means nothing, they have no real opinion on the series. No matter which category you fall in you cannot deny Five Nights at Freddy’s is a major success. The series has had tons of downloads, has a huge cult following, and has spawned a series of fan games, many of which I’ve talked about before. (Such as Five Nights at Treasure Island, Five Nights at Wario’s, One Night at Flumpty’s, etc). It’s a big deal because not only iAll gamess it a fun and scary game series but it has a great back story that’s really enjoyable to dig into. And so after all of this, from the people praising the games to the people hating on them and thinking they have been getting too much attention, we now have the news that there will indeed be a Five Nights at Freddy’s 4!

Again, depending on what camp you’re in this is either fantastic news or it’s more milking of the same cow. I stand with the first group on this one, I’m thrilled to hear that this game is getting another go. It’s coming out this year on October 31st, so it’s not all that long that we have to wait before having the crap scared out of us again. I’ve still not beaten any of the other three games to this point, with having gotten mostly through the first and third game (I don’t even own the second yet), so that gives me plenty of time to try to beat them before the fourth edition arrives. According to the official website this game will be the last of the series, the final chapter as it says. I’m glad about that on the one hand because it shows that they aren’t just purely milking it forever and the series has a definite end. I’m happy with the first three games, very much, and I want to see more in the future, but I do think that each good series needs an end and it would seem that the developers agree. (Maybe they can pull a Mass Effect and end one series and then start a new one that’s in a different area completely with a totally different story. My ramblings, but that’s a good way to do it). Plus with all of the awesome fan games it’s much easier to see this be the final game and not be sad about it.

So what will we see this time around? Will this game finally wrap up all of the lore that the game has pulled out over the first three games, very well I may add? Will the world/universe be set free from Freddy and his cohorts by the time the game is all said and done? Will another security guard be stupid enough to take a job that threatens his life each second he works? What new threats are going to be on the scene? There are tons of questions and not many answers to this point, but that’s to be expected considering the game was just announced recently. But I personally can’t wait to see how it all plays out (no pun intended). How about you? Are you excited for the 4th, and presumably final, Freddy game?

Updated: May 2, 2015 — 1:11 am
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