Five Nights at Freddy’s 1/3 experiences.


I’ve talked about Five Nights at Freddy’s for a while, specifically the other day when I was talking about the third game coming out. I mentioned that it was my first game to buy in the series, going in the complete wrong direction when it comes to the order. That didn’t bother me all that badly, but each of the three games are a lot different from the others, so naturally you have to get them all and see what you’re made of. So the other day I did just so. I bought the first Freddy’s game. I’ve seen enough gameplay videos to kind of know what it is I need to do, but playing and watching are two entirely different things. So far I’d say I’m doing pretty well, with just getting to the third night last night. I don’t play it for long periods at a time, so I never make too much progress, but I barely made it to the third night with about 1% power left, so I was thrilled!

I play these games a bit differently compared to most: I make them mulitplayer, at least in a sense. Basically the group I’m with will take turns, with my wife playing until she dies, then this friend, then myself, to see who makes the most progress. Unless I’ve Team gamingtotally missed something you can’t have more than one save file on these games, so that’s a good way to get everybody in on the action and not have to wait forever until somebody beats it. (If you know a way to have more than one slot please leave a comment and let me know). It’s still fun, so even if there is a way to have multiple slots I think we’ll keep this up. It’s always a challenge to be the one person who makes it further than the others and does the best. It makes a competition out of a horror game that already can have you on the edge of your seat. I think it adds just that much more to the game and the enjoyment, especially with the PC connected through HDMI cord to the TV.

It’s not the only way to play the game but I recommend it! It gives that much more to a game that already is a challenge at times, in that you want to be the furthest to make it and do the best. We are all cheering for the others to do well but it’s still nice to be the one person who made it to the one night nobody else could. It’s all in good fun, and I think you ought to give it a shot if you haven’t already! I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but everybody as a team got to the fourth night on the third Freddy game, with me being the pilot to get us there this time. But none of us have gotten past the fourth night. It seems as soon as we hear the vents going off and we are having to reset anything that it’s too late all too soon. We could simply shut the vents off, but that’s a challenge when you’re having to adjust the other things in the room. I have an idea or two that I think we can try though, so hopefully we make it to night five soon! So that’s it for me and what we have been doing with the Five Nights at Freddy’s games! Have you  played them all and beaten them? Even if not, what are your experiences with the games?

Updated: March 8, 2015 — 6:35 pm
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