Final Fantasy XV Review/etc #4.


I continue on my journey in the wonderful Final Fantasy XV, this time taking things from the first continent to the next. I’m not sure how many continents you get to explore and how expansive they are but the first one is massive and this second one has quite a good size itself, and it looks totally different from the first continent, which is what you’d expect in reality when going from one to another so it is enjoyable to see a huge difference in the layout of the land in this second major area. I didn’t finish all the side quests in the first area, not even close, so I have plenty more to do as I continue in the game. The main quests and the side quest certainly add for a very meaty game, and that doesn’t include the mini games (however many of those there may be) and the little trinkets/items you can discover as you explore the game to the full. It’ll be a major, major task to finally and completely beat this game. (According to the game developers the game is more open world at first then it gets more linear towards the end; and with as much to explore as the game offers that’s okay with me. Sure I wish the entire game and all of the continents offered a ton to explore and never get linear save for certain dungeons. But all of the side missions and little things you can discover in the first location, to me, more than makes up for any linearity I’ll be seeing.)

And that doesn’t include all of the dialog options I mentioned before. If there is one conversation that has 3 options and you can only do one per playthrough that means you’d have to play the game at minimum 3 times to see all of Final Fantasy XV rocksthe results and how it plays out. Unless you have a save file right before a conversation and then simply reload and try again a few times, but I think that’s a load of crap so I don’t ever do that myself, though it’s certainly up to everybody who plays how to pursue the game. I just ran into another very heavy dialog choice section pretty soon after getting to the second continent and it just drove the point even further home than I though possible; it’ll take a lot of playing to see everything possible and how it all combines in the game, and that doesn’t even include the side missions and all of that.

Right now, further now in the game then when I started typing this post, I’m at the finale of the main story. I’m on the final chapter currently and I just continue to find myself amazed at this game and all it offers. Some of the sections leading up to where I am give the game a creepy feel that I fell in love with; it felt like being in a horror game for a while there and I think that’s just wonderful. It scared me quite a bit so that part was annoying (but so good) but it just continued to sell me on how great this video game is. The feel of the game has so many wonderful varieties, which I know I’ve mentioned before but that point cannot be driven far enough. I still have a lot more to do with the game after I finish the main story but from that standpoint I’m on the end of the run here so I’ll finish this post on this note and use the next one as my final (for now at least) XV post!


Updated: December 12, 2016 — 11:12 pm
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