Final Fantasy XV Review/etc #3.


Okay the last post went into my feelings on the game from the start to about 10 hours in and I have to say I’m still in love with this game, it’s so incredible! As I stated before I don’t want to do a post about this game that has spoilers, I don’t think that’s right, so I’ll try to discuss what I like and dislike so far and take it from there! The only real dislike is that the frames seem to slow down at times and I think some of the graphics in certain moments leaves something to be desired, but that’s literally it. So far everything else is great and I almost can’t stop smiling as I play the game. Square definitely did a great job I cannot stress that enough.

They did a great job with sidequests too, which I mentioned, but I’m gaining more and more of an understanding as I go. It’s not just that the missions vary greatly, which is a major point on its own, it’s also how many of them you get to do! I don’t know the total that are in the game overall but I know that there are a lot by Chapter 3 and you can jump to them at anytime, then pursue the main missions for a while, go fishing, take some pics with the guys, and then do some more side missions. And with great Final Fantasy VII, IX, and XIII music with me constantly I gotta say it’s really fun to just run around doing little things for people. Speaking of which don’t be surprised if you get to a particular area to do a mission and run into a person who needs something else, thus giving you more to do. For example, I’m in one section right now working on something for a man and I need to go to Furloch Farms, and while pursuing that I see a man with a broken down car in the rain. I talk to him and he needs help with his car, and instantly I gain a new side mission.

I’m not sure if there is a limit to how many side missions/main missions you can have on the Quest list all at once but so far, including the main mission, I have 7 of them running, including the man who has the broken down car. And next to each mission it gives you a recommended level to be at before you do it, all of which vary. 3 of my 7 recommend level 10 for me. 1 is level 15, 1 is level 20, and the highest is level 26. I just have to say that all of this was one really well, it’s so easy to follow these missions and change objectives on the fly, it’s great. Those are words I can’t stop using around this game; “it’s great”. But I’m a sucker for side missions in a game like this so I’m glad to see that they have great variety and are easy to come across and really are enjoyable to engage in. And the fact that you can get in the car and jump right to the main stuff is wonderful as well.

Oh and I’m listening to the true final boss music to Final Fantasy IX (Necron) and I couldn’t be happier that I’m just in the fields and listening to the music, in game!! That too is a great touch; my favorite Final Fantasy games of all Final Fantasy XV rockstime (VII and IX) are both in this game in a meaningful way; I mean c’mon, when I was fighting the big Behemoth off, Deadeye, I was jamming out to Sephiroth’s One-Winged Angel as I was pursuing him! When there is a moment or fight or whatever that demands you listen to XV’s ost it’ll simply pause the other music and switch over, which is actually quite seamless, and this game has great music as well so for sure it’s more than worth hearing. But how can you beat that!?

The side missions make sense in this game too, that’s something I want to mention. A guy with a broken down car and he needs help? That’s realistic. I remember the side missions in Lightning Returns (don’t care, I love that game) and they had variety too don’t get me wrong, but in the context of the world ending they didn’t make much sense to me; they felt very out of place in a world where everything was happening as it was. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of bad stuff happening in this game too and I know it’ll only expand and get worse as I get deeper in the story, but it makes sense that one major Kingdom/area was really hit by disaster yet outside areas far away would still have people doing normal things; it feels much more real overall.

The game truly has some beautiful backgrounds as you navigate the map and the varying places you go to, whether for the main missions or the side ones, greatly differ in variety and I appreciate that. Ice caves, forests surrounded by thick mist, water falls, cities with buildings, you name it. It all looks great and has a wonderful variety, and it never feels too empty. You’ll see various monsters in pack doing whatever it is they want, there are a ton of items to find as you walk around, things like that. The feel of being on a great adventure with your bros is also great, Square did a great job of making it a personable game for sure, and the dialog options I mentioned in the past have been pretty frequent as well which I’m very happy to say, I love seeing that it’s not just for a here and there type of thing; and it applies under circumstances that I was happy to see and hope for more, though I won’t go into much more detail since it’s definitely a spoiler.

I like the way weather affects the characters as well. If you’re in a cold environment with no jacket on the character will complain about getting old; they’ll note the change in weather when it starts to rain and things like that too, and their clothing gets wet from the rain. Even when you go to the main menu and take a look at the characters to switch items and such, if they’re wet in the main map they’re wet there and I like that added effect. It certainly by no means makes or brakes the game, but #It’sthesmallthings. Oh and you can have a Chocobo in this game as well, which you can edit much like the car, and you can race them as well! I don’t know if there are a bunch of race tracks or what but you can race Chocobo’s and that was fun. Prompto bested me in the first and only race I’ve done so far but it was fun and was a throw back to racing Chocobo’s back in FF VII.

And the missions, which I’ve stated greatly vary on the side missions as far as what you do and how it feels, definitely spreads to the main missions too. I recently (like literally 10 minutes ago from this sentence being typed) started a main mission *won’t say what I’m doing and why to avoid spoilers* that requires you to sneak in somewhere under the guise of night; if it turns day you have to leave, you can only pursue this task under the moon and based on how it started at first you can’t simply run in fighting everybody, you have to be sneaky. Think the Arkham Batman games; a lot of the time you can just jump right into battle and be a brute force, but sometimes you have to sneak around to accomplish your goal. This feels the same way, you definitely need to be sneaky and cautious and I love that, it feels much different than some of the other main missions. This game has great variety, I can’t see getting bored with this game at all based on the variety in missions alone. The mission I mentioned at night switches after you get to a certain point but for sure it was cool, plus the change is literally night and day different which helps as well as far as making sure the game offers great variety.

This game is just an absolute gem in every sense of the word and if you’re a Final Fantasy fan, and can get a hold of this game, you need to do it; you won’t regret it I can promise you that. Hey if all else fails and you don’t get all that much into it then you can simply listen to the music in the game; not only XV’s music, but the music from the past! There’s something for everybody with this game and I’m so glad to have it! But I wonder what else will stand out in my next several hours of play? Time to go find out!

Updated: December 12, 2016 — 11:09 pm
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