Final Fantasy XV Review/etc #1.


Okay, here in just a few days (it’s the 25th here right now, so 4 to go!) we get Final Fantasy XV, FINALLY. Gosh, it’s hard to believe the game was announced (as Final Fantasy Versus XIII) in 2006! The game is only arriving after 11 years if you include the year it was announced and for the most part this game looks like it’ll be a massive game. The game has a very large scope and has a lot of great things for us to look forward to, it looks like Square Enix is taking seriously the things they’ve talked about in the past, namely making  Final Fantasy a strong gaming brand again. JRPG’s have lost some strength in the last few years and that very much includes Square Enix so they wanted to deliver stronger games, ones that really moved the needle in sales and reception.

XV isn’t out yet; so we can’t fully begin to understand the impact it’ll have as it gets going and how well it’s reviewed and all of that. But that’ll be soon upon us, very soon indeed, so hopefully this is the beginning of big things for Square Enix. Frankly their Kingdom Hearts series, convoluted as it may be, gets good sales and is really popular but Final Fantasy used to be their bread and butter and games like XIII, though decently received, haven’t helped their image all that much. XIII-2 and Lightning Returns certainly weren’t much help either overall. (Though I did love both games personally). They’ve had some pretty bad smartphone games as well such as Final Fantasy ATB. XIV though good now was a nightmare for a while for the company.

Things look to be turning; they fixed XIV, Brave Exvius and other smartphone games are actually very enjoyable and solid RPG’s, VII is being remade for *at least* the PS4 at long last, and then we have XV, which Square Enix has been taking very seriously. They’ve released smartphone games that go alongside XV. A tie-in movie was released as well, and we’ve had 2 demos arrive too. Square wants this game to beat the original VII as the best selling individual Final Fantasy game of all time and it certainly looks like they’re headed in the right direction, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the final product and give it a spin! Final Fantasy

Nothing in my eyes will ever beat VII and IX, they’ll always be my top FF games of all time, but I’m more than willing, and dare I say excited, to try this new game. The feel of the game, the story, the backgrounds, exploration and etc certainly makes me think this game can be the VII killer they want (and in a way need). I want nothing more than to see Square take the RPG world by storm with their Final Fantasy brand again. Kingdom Hearts strikes in January so that series isn’t too far away from another surefire hit. Some of their other games, namely smartphone ones, are doing well and are great games. Plus we have VII hiding somewhere, hopefully to emerge in 2017. But until then it’s all about XV and going on an adventure with Noctis and the gang!

So this post will officially start my review and my ramblings about the game. My review won’t have any major spoilers, at least that’s my plan and if there are I’ll make sure to note it in a noticeable way. But it’s a HUGE game so naturally I have to talk about it! GUYS!!! It’s almost time! You ready!? I know I am, let’s get going! This’ll be a fun journey.

*I’m playing the PS4 version but I have to assume it’ll be about the exact same on Xbox One*

Updated: November 28, 2016 — 1:18 am
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