Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.


I’ve been a major fan of Final Fantasy ever since IX on the PSOne. I’ll never forget how much fun it was and how I couldn’t believe I had ignored it for so long. I had borrowed it from one of my cousins and had it for I believe a few months before I finally sat down and played it. Once I saw how great of a game it was I felt like a fool for not playing it sooner. But I more than made up for that time. I eventually made my way to other Final Fantasy games, like VII and VIII. It all went on from there. I’ve played since then most of the major Final Fantasy games, several on my smartphone, the spin off games, and so on. I love the series so I’m glad I’ve stuck with it, especially with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD on the horizon and the Final Fantasy XV demo alongside that. But before all of that there is another Final Fantasy game that’s very much worth a look right now. That’s Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn.

The one major type of Final Fantasy game I never played going into getting this on my PS4 is online Final Fantasy games. I wanted to try XI but I never got around to playing it. I was going to get the first version of XIV but I heard nothing but bad things about it so I elected to wait until they fixed all of the issues. I saw it as a game that could be fun on my PS4 so I got it and I have to say that this version of the game is great! It’s not the Square Enix gamebest Final Fantasy game I’ve played, but I’d rate it in the top few as opposed to the bottom few. I’ve barely scratched what you can do in this game, so I don’t have a full review prepared, but there are a few things I love about this game. For one, you make your own character. I’m a sucker for making my own imprint with my own character, so that is a big point to me. There are also tons of side missions, which makes me happy. I like hitting the main missions and making progress, but I’ve always liked having side things to accomplish to make the experience last longer.

You can also interact and play with other real people, which Final Fantasy-wise is completely different for me, so I like having that option. There are a ton of other things I’ve not experienced yet in this game, like building your own home and getting married,  so I’m looking forward to seeing all of what it has to offer in the future. If you’re looking to have some fun in the Final Fantasy world and want something to hold off the wait until Type-0 HD or even XV then I highly recommend this game! It’s fun and it gives you tons of things to do.


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