Final Fantasy Remakes.


We have had a lot of great Final Fantasy games come out over the years, no matter which you’d pick or why, there are a ton! Final Fantasy VII is at the top of many lists. Final Fantasy VIII is the favorite to some. IX to others. XII to yet others. There are even people who think that Final Fantasy XIII is the best in the series! I honestly don’t know anybody who thinks XIII and it’s spin offs is the best Final Fantasy series but there must be somebody somewhere who thinks that. So you have plenty of great games to pick from, which is always nice right? Well we have had something else happen within the Final Fantasy world lately quite often that give fans options, and no I don’t mean the tons of smartphone games. It’s remakes! We’ve had a few on portable consoles, such as Final Fantasy III and IV being remade. VII is being remade, in case you missed it. IX has been. XII is. X and X-2 have been, on PS3. And PS Vita. And PS4.VII

You get the point; Final Fantasy remakes, whether graphically like X/X-2 or totally like VII are all over the place it seems. And in some ways I don’t think that’s just purely awful. I want new games like XV to still come out, we need new great experiences to enjoy in the Final Fantasy world, we can’t just have good games remade over and over, it does have its limits, but for now I don’t mind seeing them arrive. But there are a few more I’d like to see in the future, I mean if they’re going to do it this often why not put a wishlist on what you’d like to see in the future? I’ve done a list of this type in the past so this time I’m going to make sure that I talk about a few different games, maybe it’s on your wishlist as well!

For one I’d love to see Dirge of Cerberus get a remake, on the PS4/Xbox One/PC with enhanced visuals, a better camera, etc. I loved Dirge of Cerberus and thought it was a pretty fun game. It wasn’t perfect, by any means, but it wasn’t a bad game at all I don’t think, so why not see this game get a remake? I mean we are already seeing VII get a huge remake, so lets see the rest of the VII world get remade in higher visuals with all the bells and whistles! Vincent is a badass anyways so he deserves a better sendoff for his spin-off game anyways, so get on it Square Enix!

And speaking of VII I’d love to see Crisis Core get a current remake. The game was perfect as is on the PSP to me so not much needs to change, just enhanced visuals would be nice to me, alongside extra bosses or somesuch. A Vita remake would be perfect for this game I think. Of course it could always make its way to big consoles but I’d love to see it remade on a portable console, that would be great.

For the final one I’m wanting I know we got it remade already on PC and smartphones, I know, but I demand a Final Fantasy IX remake similar to VII!!! IX is awesome, easily one of the best Final Fantasy games of all time *ahemit’sbetterthanVIIahem* so I’d be beyond overjoyed if Square Enix decided to remake this game in a larger way, though it’s very unexpected. If there is enough money in it Square could do it but it’s not likely to me at this point, since it got a semi-remake already. Time will tell I guess.

Well that’s that! Those are the 3 I’d like to see the most, outside of perhaps any others I’ve mentioned in the past. But what are your thoughts? What Final Fantasy games are you guys wanting to see be remade the most that hasn’t already been remade? Leave a comment and voice your opinion!

Updated: September 13, 2016 — 8:32 am
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