Final Fantasy IX (Android) tidbits!


I was going to wait to get the updated IX for Steam but decided I wasn’t patient enough to wait. I love IX, it’s easily one of my favorite Final Fantasy games of all time, so I knew it would be hard to wait for a different version of the update considering I had a way to gain access now. I don’t have anything strong enough Apple related to get that version so I got the Android version on my Samsung Galaxy S6. And so far I have to say I really love the game! But there are some things that I wanted to point out about the game really quickly, since I’ve seen some reviews be mixed for various reasons. This isn’t a full review, just a quick list of tidbits for anybody thinking about the smartphone version! In no particular order here we go:

*First and foremost, this game looks way better than the older edition did. It’s amazing how much better it looks, especially the characters. But the updated visuals have caused issues with people, with their games freezing, going slow in fights, things like this. Which isn’t a shock when you consider how much it’s pulling. But I’ve yet to see any issues in my version, on the Galaxy S6. No battle issues, no slow speeds, no dialog issues. So my phone is at least solid, so if you have the same one you’ll likely be in good shape.

*The game is very playable on touch only controls. You have the on screen analog stick you can use, typical of games like these on smartphones. You can also touch certain screensareas and in a point and click fashion control the characters but I find this more annoying than anything. Battles work very well, with you simply tapping what you want to do and to whom, so no issues in battles whatsoever. Yes, by the way, you can use some of the various controllers that you can buy for phones but I’ve seen very mixed reviews there so be prepared for the worst and having to use the screen only. My MOGA Hero Power controller does work with the game with no issues overall, though the screen is playable enough that I may simply stick with it.

*There are immediate cheats! I don’t think things like this are totally necessary but it’s something that gives a different feel to a game that already looks different, so why not mess around with it? If you don’t want to then simply don’t! The choice is totally up to you. There are several enhancements such as being able to skip random encounters and having infinite gil and things like that. Some people get mad that such things are included in the game and I’ll say what I just did in a form: you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to! Simple! So there’s no issue there. I haven’t used any of them outside of the Gil one just to check one of them out and yes it worked just fine. I don’t plan on using many of the cheats but for the purpose of typing it in here I tried one out.

Overall I have to say I’m really enjoying the game. The price is a bit steep for a phone game but the quality and quantity you’re getting out of the game for sure more than makes up for that. So far so good! I’ll roll another post out when I’ve made some more progress but I just wanted to get this out real quick in case it’s helpful in any form. So long as your phone meets the requirements you’ll love this game, highly recommended here!

Updated: February 20, 2016 — 11:17 pm
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