Favorite video game merchandise?


I remember being a kid and going to school with a Sonic the Hedgehog themed lunchbox and I loved it. I enjoyed showing that Sonic was my favorite game and others seemed to enjoy the lunchbox as well. I didn’t run around bragging about it or anything, but you get the point. I liked the game merchandise. That expanded to other things as I grew up. Toys, clothes (shirts, hoodies, hats, etc), watches, books, and other things. I’ve always enjoyed having gaming merchandise for some reason, I can’t really explain why. That being the case, I thought I’d share some of my favorite gaming memorabilia and see if you guys have any cool game collectiables as well! My favorite things are for Watchsure my Sega Genesis and SNES controller T-shirts. The Sega one just shows the logo, and the SNES one shows the controller. I think they are cool since they are both consoles from my past that I still enjoy to this day. I also have a cool Sonic the Hedgehog hat and hoodie. I had a Mario hoodie but I had to give it away since it shrunk a bit in the wash and now it doesn’t properly fit anymore. I have a cool watch for Sonic’s 20th Anniversary from a few years back, on I imported from Japan. It’s the cooles piece of gaming merchandise I own but I can’t always have a pocketwatch on me so it doesn’t go out with me too often. I have a few other things, but these are definitely my favorites. Which pieces of gaming merchandise that you own are you most proud of?

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