Favorite Digimon video game?

The Digimon video game series has been around for a long time. It may not have ever gained the traction of the Pokmeon game series (very few on earth ever have), but it’s still a popular series in its own right. A lot of the Digimon games have been vastly different with each installment. Some were all about fighting, like in Super Smash Bros. Some were all about kart racing. Others were all about taking care of your Digimon and keeping them in good health as you adventured around the world. Basically it seems like there is a Digimon game for everybody! But which would you say is your favorite, if you’ve played any of them? Mine is Digimon World 1.


It didn’t get the highest ratings, but I definitely think the game is very enjoyable. Sure, you aren’t playing as any of the main characters from the DigimonDigimon anime, but it’s still an enjoyable game set in the same universe. What I like the most is that you have one Digimon partner that you have to take care of. You have to train them, feed them, encourage them, take them into battles, and even take them to the pot! Yes, they have to go to the bathroom. There is something simple about the game that I just love, much more so than the other Digimon games I’ve played over the years. I’d say only Digimon World 3 is close to me in comparison. That game is fun too, same for the Digimon Rumble games, but DW1 is easily my top Digimon game. Which Digimon game would you say is your favorite overall?

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