Favorite co-op games?


I’ve played literally hundreds of games in my years as a gamer, so it makes sense that more than a few of those were games that you can play with friends. The games I’m talking about are more about playing with a friend on a couch than online multiplayer, but that applies too. So I was thinking: which co-op games have I enjoyed the most of the ones I’ve played? There are tons of great co-op adventures I’ve enjoyed in the past and there are a few that I play fairly often now. But I decided I’d list the top two or three games that offer the most fun co-op gameplay. Maybe some of these are on your personal list? Whether they are or not be sure to add which games you think are the best at offering a great co-op experience!

My first pick has to be Sonic the Hedgehog 2,3, and 4.2. That’s a bit of a cop out considering that those are three games. But in all those are the most fun I’ve had with friends. I remember playing Sonic 2 and eventually 3 as a kid and always playing as Sonic and one of my sisters or a friend would play as Tails, and that was a lot of fun. Sonic 3 definitely was the best since Tails could swim and fly you around. It granted an entirely new dynamic to the game for us who were playing. We virtually never played the actual two player mode, we always stuck to the main game and had a friend supporting. That was always the most enjoyable. I played Sonic 4.2 with my wife and we got all 7 Chaos Emeralds and all but one of the red star rings the game offers. Playing that with her was a lot of fun and continued the fun of Sonic co-op well after my first run. But Sonic’s not the only game series that has offered great multiplayer fun.

My number two has to be a virtual tie between Halo 3 and Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. Halo 3 was my first major Xbox 360 game and I loved it. It was also one of the first major games that I could play with my cousin even though we lived quite a bit of distance apart. That was cool to me and was something I wasn’t used to. I loved going into various gameplay modes with him and having a great time. Sometimes we’d just get killed over and over. Other times we really did well. Either way it was a lot of fun. My wife would play here and there with me on it, but not all that often. It was a great time and one of the best online co-op adventures I’ve ever enjoyed. Lara Croft was Co-op fun with my wife since she is a major Tomb Raider fan and I’m newer to the series (liking what I’ve seen so far too). It offered great puzzles and challenging gameplay while still offering a story that fits in pretty well with the other non-reboot Tomb Raider games. There is a sequel coming out soon and I can’t wait to play that and continue this great series. Hopefully it has great gameplay as well and keeps up with the challenge.

The third series that offers the best co-op to me is Donkey Kong, specifically Donkey Kong Country Returns. That is a game that I put a lot of time into with my wife and we both have had a great time. At times we would spend hours making progress, and also getting frustrated at other times. It is a challenging game. But challenges are good since they keep you on your toes, and we have spent more than a few tense moments on the end of the couch as we have made progress through the challenges the game offers. Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze is also an incredible game but my wife isn’t a big fan of the underwater segments so we haven’t put as much time into that game as the original. But either pick is a great game, especially if you played the original Donkey Kong Country games. There are a few others that are a lot of fun when playing co-op, such as Destiny, but I have to say that these three are a cut above the rest. Which co-op games are your favorites?

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