Favorite arcade game?


Well before home consoles and smartphone games dominated the landscape we had arcade games. They offered games that were easy to play and difficult to master, where you’d gather with your friends and have a good time. Arcades are still around and rather strong in some places but they aren’t the leading force in gaming anymore. Be that as it Batman Arcade gamemay, it seems likely that we all have tried at least one arcade game in our lives. I see young kids playing the various arcades at the local movie theater all the time. I stop to play arcade games when I can as well. They aren’t as convenient as home consoles or portable games, but they are still a lot of fun. So which arcade game do you consider to be your favorite? The Ocean Hunter by Sega is easily mine. The effort and time me and my wife put into that game still is memorable to this day. We put in the kind of time you’d put into a game at home because it was just too much fun. We spent a pretty penny on making sure we made it down to the end, but it was well worth it. I’ve also played a few NASCAR arcade games that were pretty fun, especially racing against other people. But how about you? Which arcade games do you put on top of your list?

Updated: December 6, 2014 — 10:58 pm
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