Dreamcast 2: coming or not?


Ever since 2001 when Sega officially exited the console making business people have wondered if we’d ever see a Dreamcast 2. Sega has made it clear on more than one occasion that they are a software company now, so we shouldn’t expect it. But I don’t think that we have zero chance of seeing a sequel to the Dreamcast. Besides going on hope and want I have a few reasons this is the case. It all boils down to Sega of Japan, the ones who caused all of Sega’s major issues in the 90s and early 00s. (Read Console Wars if you’d like to see what I mean). They stayed consistent on developing Sega arcade machines, but they’ve done more than that recently, namely the Toylet and Telebeena.

The Toylet, in case you missed seeing what it was all about, is a Urinal game console Sega of Japan developed a few years back. It’s not an arcade game, it’s an actual consoleSega straming console that you can even buy and have in your house. Granted, you have to basically live in Japan, but it’s still something. The Telebeena is a streaming console by Sega of Japan that works on Sharp TV’s and also on your smartphone. It’s almost like how the Wii U works by having a device that isn’t a traditional controller control the on screen actions. It looks cool, though it’s focus is on children, so it isn’t very practical.

But my point with these examples is that they have come after the Dreamcast, and though Sega claims to be software only, they are indeed consoles. So why could the Dreamcast 2 not happen? It may be a streaming service, a home console, or something else entirely. I doubt we’ll see a traditional Sega console again, at least not anytime soon, but who cares if they are still releasing even streaming consoles? That can be good enough if Sega does a good job! Do you think we’ll ever see the Dream return?

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