Donkey Kong Country Returns 3DS review.


I did a review for the incredible Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze the other day, so I figured I may as well go backwards to Donkey Kong Country Returns and do the same! I’m not going to review the Wii version but instead it’ll be the 3DS version. This is the version I’ve played the most of the two so I’m just sticking with this one. My wife and I got the Wii game a while back and we made some good progress but we ended up getting stuck at some level and we never really picked it back up. When we saw that a 3DS version was coming out, however, we decided we’d each get a copy and give it a shot! We’re both glad we did.

The best thing about this version is definitely the controls. I think this version is much easier to play because you are using a more “normal” layout on the 3DS control pad. You don’t have to use the motion shaking either from the Wii-mote, which was very much an annoyance at times in the original game. It feels like you’re playing one of the original Donkey Kong Country games again, and that is a very good thing. Not that the Wii version is a nightmare, but this one is definitely better. There is also a New Mode to this game that gives you the ability to use e3DS Reviewxtra health and other helpful items, but you don’t want those. You want the pure challenge of the game! Okay, that was a bit of a joke. This game is hard, and you’ll want to throw your 3DS at one time or another, so the New Mode isn’t a bad idea if you’re newer to Donkey Kong or games like this in general. But try to go for the original mode if you can! Challenge yourself!

The game is fun to play alone but it’s much more enjoyable if you have a friend to play with you. I play with my wife and we both love it. That’s how you can truly test the bond of any relationship, friendship or otherwise, by playing and getting through this game. If you are still together or friends after playing then you had a great thing in the first place! I say that because while this game is a blast to get through together it’s very hard, and that can be compounded by a teammate that goes too quickly or slowly and kills you. Maybe you’re the one who would be too fast or slow. Either way, this game can be quite a bit harder if you play it with a friend. But when you make it through a hard level together it makes it that much more worth it. We aren’t done yet, we are just now at the final boss, but it has been a great game so far and a ton of fun! Here are my top likes and dislikes.

Likes: “Normal” controls, portable, looks great, great music, challenging yet very enjoyable game, perfect co-op game.

Dislikes: It’s hard!

That dislike is more of a joke than anything, but that would be my top complaint. I enjoy the challenge and I hate it too so it’s a good point to put up I suppose. Hard or not, this game is a 10/10. It’s the best 3DS game you can play, at least that’s how I feel about it. Other 3DS game are great, and I’ll review some in the near future, but this is the best game you can have on the console right now! Go for it here if you’ve not already!

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