Donkey Kong 64, Smash Bros, and more!


Today is a big day if you’re a Donkey Kong fan and a Wii U owner! Well it may not be, but for me it’s a big day! It’s the day that Donkey Kong 64 comes out! I’m more excited for this game than I’d normally be for the simple fact that I’ve been wanting to play this game a lot lately but haven’t found a great way to do so. By that I mean all of the N64 consoles I found and everything else needed to play the game would cost me a lot of money, which I’d gladly spend, but it has more important places to go. So when Nintendo announced at the beginning of the month that it’ll be coming to the Wii U for $10 I was pumped! I have it now and I’ve played it a bit, though not all that much since we had a guest over. I plan on getting some more time in on the game sometime later but suffice it to say I’m happy with my purchase and the game looks great!

And that’s not all that has been going on in the gaming world lately, or at least mine for sure. The Donkey Kong 64 is big for any fan of that game, the rest of this article is more or less going to be about some of my gameplay lately and things like that, so feel free to add what games you’ve been playing lately as well in the comments! The main game I’ve played lately is Smash Bros on the Wii U. Smash is a great game that I love and I’ve been putting more time in it lately as I’ve had some friends over, and let me tell you, this game is awesome. Everybody knows that, but playing in a group is much bDK is here!etter than playing alone. I mostly play the game by myself so having a group to play with was exciting and very enjoyable! This was my first time taking this game on with multiple friends and it was such a blast! I highly recommend you play this game with your friends if you’ve not already. Even online play can’t compare to on the couch play, so definitely go for it if you haven’t done so with Smash for the Wii U yet.

I’ve been playing several of my smartphone games as well, such as Sonic Runners and Word Feud, while looking forward to a newly released game. It’s called Lara Croft Relic Run, and it’s out in the Netherlands and will be released in other areas as the year moves forward. It’s an on rails game similar in nature to Sonic Dash, if you’ve ever played that. And I like the look of it. You have the typical adventuring which looks fun but there are boss fights as well! I’ve heard that it’s a pretty solid game so it’s one that I can’t wait to get a shot at. I tried to download a file for it and play it but it won’t actually download 100% on my phone so I guess I just have to wait the old fashioned way. No big! But if you’re a Tomb Raider fan and you want something to be excited by, especially that’s portable, then keep your eye out for this game! I’ll make a post/review when the game is out myself, but keep it in mind for yourself that it’s coming soon, hopefully really soon.

Updated: April 17, 2015 — 12:56 am
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