DLC: like it or not?


One of the things that seems to divide gamers the most in this day and age is DLC, or Downloadable Content. Basically it adds content to the game you have. Maybe it’s in the form of new costumes. Maybe it’s new weapons. Or maybe it adds entire levels or multiplayer maps. Either way, DLC adds more to any game that has it. But not everybody likes it. Some who don’t like it don’t have the internet in their homes, so they can’t get the full experience that the game offers. I can understand why those people DLC for video gameswould be angry and I would be too. Shouldn’t developers finish the game before sending it out? On the other hand there are people like myself who love DLC and adding more to the game. I have the internet so I don’t have that previous concern. I think it’s great because it adds more depth to a game and gives you more to be excited for. When there was more DLC story to be added to Arkham City I was thrilled, because I didn’t need the next Batman Arkham game to experience more story. I love DLC and hope that it continues to be used (well) in the future. How do you stand on the issue of DLC? Do you think developers should take more time and send more on the original disc? Or is it not a bother to you?

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