Digimon Rebirth!


Digimon Adventure Tri just made its way into US theaters all across the nation for a one night special showing of Digimon Adventure Tri’s first movie, or I should say part one of the whole package, and it was great! It was cool to hear so many of the original cast make their way back for the film, including the voice actors for Tai, Agumon, Matt, Tentomon, Izzy, and more! Granted I didn’t mind watching it in Japanese with the English words displaying at the bottom, it was fine actually, but there is no getting around the nostalgia felt around hearing those voices with those characters again, it was a great thing.  So seeing Digimon return in this from was great! But that’s not all that has been a part of Digimon’s rebirth!

We already have had a few video games show up lately that really do add some fun and depth to Digimon. For one we had Digimon All-Star Rumble. Sure, that isn’t the best brawler of all time or anything but it’s a fun game, especially if you have a buddy who’ll get on the couch and play with you as well. Then we have the amazing Digimon World Cyber Sleuth, which got good ratings for both the PS4 and PS Vita. The game is one of the best JRPG’s I’ve personally ever played so I recommend Digimonyou play it if you are looking for one that you’ve not tried yet and are unsure about. This game offers a ton to do, a long story line, and more. But wait, that’s not all! *salesmen pitch style*

It was confirmed recently that we’ll be getting yet another new Digimon video game in the West for the PS4, Digimon World: Next Order. If you liked the pet element of Digimon World 1 then you’ll love this game since it is in the same spirit. I loved DW1 so for sure I’m pumped to see this game coming Westside! Digimon is definitely experiencing a rebirth in the world, in particular in the West, and I couldn’t be more proud of that fact. Sure it’s not experiencing the same huge jump Pokemon is through Pokemon Go but yes Digimon is definitely getting traction again. 3 new video games after a long drought, new anime incoming, Digimon Adventure Tri, and more. Digimon is back and I couldn’t be more happy about it! Now we just need our own Digimon Go…..hmmm…..hopefully Applimon will offer something similar.

Updated: September 16, 2016 — 7:05 pm
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