Digimon Go?

When Pokemon Go came out it was met with great reviews and many millions of people around the world started running around outside in the pursuit of Pokemon that were suddenly invading the real world that we occupy. It finally became as real as it can that we are the Pokemon trainers chasing the creatures, not a character on a screen that only moved when you hit buttons. You are the character now. If the character is going to battle at a Gym you have to go there yourself to do so. If you want to catch Pokemon you have to get outside yourself and catch them, and you have to go walking to hatch your eggs. It made things become so much more real compared to the other games and while some updates have come out that really messed things up, such as the tracking, the game is still a great time and is just so wonderful.

But one thing has been asked since this game arrived: what about *insert series name here* Go? Would a Harry Potter Go work? How about Dragon Ball Z Go? How about Final Fantasy, could they have a Go game? If it’s a popular series it likely has been asked about. There is one more that has been asked, perhaps, more than others, that being Pokemon’s distant cousin Digimon. Could a Digimon GDigimonGoo work? Well a Go game could work for just about anything if the developers wanted to make it happen, whether the Pokemon Go developers or the home company of the different properties. Honestly it wouldn’t be all that hard to have Digimon exist in a Go manner but if it ever comes to pass there is something I don’t want to see happen: I don’t want it to be the exact same thing. I don’t want to go outside tracking down Digimon, hatching digital eggs to get new ones, and etc.

The reason why is because Pokemon Go needs to stand out on its own, I don’t want the various Go games that may come out of this to be the exact same just with different creatures and whatnot. Because then they wouldn’t be original and that’s not much fun. There are a lot of (incorrect) opinions out there that Digimon is a shameless copy of Pokemon and while that’s a bunch of crap let’s just humor that thought and say it’s true. Well are there ANY Pokemon that are as awesome looking and detailed as Omnimon? Wargreymon? Wargreymon X? Or any of the Mega level Digimon? No, there aren’t. I love Pokemon but you’re a diluted fool if you think their design comes anywhere near what the cooler Digimon look like and their details in comparison to the higher up Pokemon. How about the story? Pokemon just has you trying to catch as many as possible and be the best there ever was. Digimon always has world ending scenario type destruction promised if the Digidestined and their Digimon can’t stop the ultimate evils, it’s very life or death unlike Pokemon. (Yes, I’m aware that the Pokemon Manga is darker, but then so are some of the Digimon ones, so that argument holds no ground here).


The point is that Digimon is in its essence different than Pokemon so I’d really be upset to see a true copy and paste formula for their personal Go game just with Digimon instead. How about if they make a game they tap into something Pokemon doesn’t have? Pokemon aren’t real, never will be, no matter how much fun chasing the Agumented Reality creatures may be. The core of what Pokemon is in their story is they are real creatures with phenomenal powers, and that’ll never exist in reality, but Digimon in their story are digital creatures from a digital world. There is a digital world in real life. If you’re reading this story you’re doing so through some form of the real life digital world. So why not have a Digimon Go app that, depending on the website you go to, generates a random code of a Digimon and you have to scan so much of it to earn it for your team, which is very similar to the other big Digimon games?

There could be more modes and things of that nature to spice things up, maybe even an element where you have to feed your Digimon, but I think that would be a great idea. Digimon are digital codes and programs, of sorts, and those types of things are real things in real life, so it has a huge leg up on Pokemon that frankly they’ll never be able to catch, so why not capitalize on that? This isn’t a bash Pokemon article by any means, don’t take it that way, I’m Mystic for life and I love Charizard, he’ll always be my main. I’ve played almost all of the Pokemon games and I love the franchise very much, but I do love Digimon more and I hate seeing it called a copycat when that’s so out in left field that it’s not even funny. It’s old. Just because an opinion is popular doesn’t mean it’s right, for sure, so that’s just how it goes. But yes, Digimon could have its own Go game and it has some real potential to tap into a different way to offer the same thing Pokemon Go does, and I’d love to see that. Maybe even a virtual pet like the old Digivice games just redone for smartphones, that would suffice I believe.

Updated: August 30, 2016 — 5:13 am
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