Digimon Adventure Tri.


Digimon has been experiencing a bit of a rebirth in the United States lately. Sure, in other areas as well, but in particular it’s great to see it making a charge in the States again like the 90s/early 00s. We had Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth arrive on the Vita and PS4 and it sold pretty well, both in physical copies and in the digital download world. We’ve had new Digimon smartphone games arrive that, while not being perfect, are quite fun. Don’t forget that we also got Digimon All-Star Rumble. It wasn’t the best reviewed game but new Digimon action is new Digimon action as far as I’m concerned. But this isn’t the only way Digimon is coming back with a vengeance, I’m happy to say. We have a new anime coming based on the original Digimon Adventure anime coming, called Digimon Adventure Tri, that’s being released in theaters across the States for one night before being available in other means. It has been released in theaters in Japan already as well as online at various locations, even available with some services in the United States with English subtitles such as Crunchyroll.

But why talk about Digimon Adventure Tri, an anime movie, on a website all about gaming? Simple: the more success Digimon sees in any major form the more we’ll get. Think about it. If the film is a success in the night of release in the States and in the other ways it’ll be released then that means that Bandai Namco will see that Digimon still has a good following over here and will be more willing to release products here, including video games. That was one of the things they stated in connection with Digimon All-Star Rumble, that if it was a success it could mean more for Digimon outside of Japan, and soDigimon far that has proven to be the case. We have had the app games, the Cyber Sleuth, and Adventure Tri will be localized not just in Japanese with English subs. I’m very happy to see this being the case and I truly hope that Adventure Tri continues to keep Digimon’s rebirth going.

The movie was only out in a few theaters for a night or two in Japan when it came out and it made more than 3 million (USD) in that time frame, proving that Digimon is still a strong force. Sure, it’s not Pokemon and it doesn’t have the momentum that Pokemon Go has created, but it still has fans and is a force to be reckoned with for sure. There was a time in the States that Digimon actually had higher TV ratings than Pokemon in several key categories so it is cool to see that Digimon had indeed beaten it’s main rival when it comes to the anime at least, so Digimon Adventure Tri will be another key step in that fight. The last Pokemon film released in the US will be compared to what Tri pulls in. Well at least to people like me.

The main point really is that if it does well Digimon will continue to strike and I absolutely cannot wait to see what comes out of all this! Cyber Sleuth is a great game and is actually a long game, I’ve spent 50 hours in the game and I haven’t even beaten the final boss yet, though I suspect that I’m actually about to fight it right now here in a few minutes. Either way, support Digimon and see Tri in theaters when it comes if it’s playing in your area! You are Digidestined! Be proud of it and show it!

Updated: August 27, 2016 — 5:22 pm
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