Dark Knight Rises smartphone/tablet game.

The wait for the Arkham Knight video game will be a hard one. It was originally going to be out in October here in the States and now we have to wait until next June. It’s not that long of a wait, but it’s hurt by at least two things: One, the game looks awesome based on gameplay footage and trailers. The better a game looks the more you’d want to play it. Two, the game was, as I mentioned, supposed to be out by now. The wait was already long enough, I was eagerly awaiting it for it felt like forever, and I was sad when they pushed it. I’ll be glad if it’s a better gameplay experience, but still, that’s quite a delay. But what can you do to be in a Bat mood in theBatman Arkham Knight meantime?

For starters you’d be in good shape to play the other Arkham games and try to beat those 100% including trophies, if you’ve not already. It’ll give you more challenges in the Arkham world that’ll help in keeping the wait a little bit easier. (Or it may make you want the future more, who knows?). You can also get some of the side games, like Lego Batman 3 and the Dark Knight Rises. The Dark Knight Rises, though not of the same Arkham blood, is similar in a few ways. The way you explore Gotham in that game is very similar to the Arkham games, as well as the fighting system. I don’t know how much they tried to take from the Arkham world but it does work in this game.


It’s not the best Batman offering you’ll find, but it’s found on your smartphone/tablet, so it has a portability that only Arkham Origin Blackgate can rival. That alone makes it a good pick to me, since I’m a sucker for portable gaming. You can use the MOGA controllers to make this a true portable gaming experience, so it gives it that much more. There are several achievements to earn in the game too, so even after beating the final boss you’ll have more to look into. That too is something I’m a sucker for. It’s a pretty good game overall and it’ll help satisfy your Batman mood until the big game we are all eagerly awaiting! Give it a shot!

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