Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII review.


The Final Fantasy VII series is probably the most popular series that Square Enix has. Other Square properties are huge as well, such as Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts, and the other Final Fantasy games, but I think it’s safe to say that Final Fantasy VII is the biggest thing they have. For sure it seems to be the hottest Final Fantasy series to the fans, who are constantly begging for the Final Fantasy VII remake. Final Fantasy VII this, Final Fantasy VII that. Almost every major article I see on FF games feature fans wanting the remake to finally happen. I don’t blame them, it would be cool to see that game redone in PS3 or even PS4 graphics/power. But we have a few great games to enjoy based on Final Fantasy VII, that aren’t the original, that can help in keeping you Final Fantasy VIIinvested in the series that they have created. (Which can help build up to the North American release of Final Fantasy VII G-Bike). The top one has got to be Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core.

It’s a game that isn’t all about Cloud and the main crew from the original game. It’s about Zack Fair and his life, starting before the story of the main game and ending right at the beginning of Final Fantasy VII. It tells a great story and is fun to follow, to me it’s much more personal than the original story. If you paid attention to the story of the original game you’ll see some of the things from that play out in this game in new detail, and it’s cool. Things like Aerith talking about having a boyfriend in the past that was a SOLDIER in the original game. She and Zack have a relationship in this game and so it adds more depth to what we’ve seen back when the original game came out. The game is very solid and definitely is the best VII game outside of the original for sure. I won’t spoil the entire game if you’ve not played it yet, but just know that this game is great and worth a look.

Likes: Great graphics, great music, awesome boss fights, tons to do, connections to the original game and story.

Dislikes: I can’t think of anything I didn’t like about this game, it’s pretty great.

The game is very solid and is great, and it has aged very well! I give it a 9/10.

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