Conker’s Bad Fur Day review. (Xbox One)


So I did a review for the Rare Replay game, mentioning that it was fun overall and that I had wanted to really spend some time with some of the games on there, in particular ones that I’ve not played before. The other day I asked my wife, while scrolling through all of the games, which one she thought looked the best, and she went with Conker’s Bad Fur Day. I’ve heard about the game in the past, so I’ve had a little knowledge about it but nothing too deep or anything like that. So I figured why not? I wanted to play more than just the Banjo games anyways, so having this game as a major launching pad for that mission would be great, that is if the game was any good. I’m here to say: it is. Very much so. This game screams Banjo to me as I play it, and I’m sure that’s not unintended. Even in the main menu you can see both Banjo and Kazooie at differentBad Fur Day locations, thus deepening that bond that this game seems to have with those. It sounds the same, looks the same, and even plays very similarly. Since I already love Banjo it’s only natural that I’d like this game. But there is one major difference: this game is for adults only.

I never would have thought it based on the main character, Conker, and the general feel of the game, but this game is definitely a different experience than the Banjo games. Why, you may ask? Namely there is a lot of cussing, some censored and some not, a lot of suggestive scenarios and sounds, and things of that nature. I have to admit that there is a certain charm to this games adult nature. It’s not too over the top by any means, at least not to me, but for sure you’d never expect the types of things from this game that you hear, considering it looks like a kids game. That’s not a detraction to the game however, as I said, it does give it a certain charm and fun factor. Besides offering some fun adult humor in the game it’s really solid besides. The camera can be a bit wonky at times, and I’m not a fan of the segments where you have to throw items at enemies or wires or what have you, since it never feels accurate enough compared to what I’m used to. Those parts are definite flaws for sure, and cannot be overlooked. So if that type of thing is a deal breaker to you then save your time, don’t play it. Maybe the N64 version is better with the camera, I’m not sure, but this one can be very fit worthy at times. Keep that in mind.

But overall the game is solid. The boss fights, so far, have been fun and challenging all at the same time. The platforming is very solid when the camera isn’t acting up, the levels offer a massive amount of variety in many ways, and it’s just plain fun to play. I’d almost say that I have more fun playing this game than Banjo now, and that’s a major accomplishment since I’ve played Banjo off and on for years and only just now discovered Conker. If funny platformer games are up your alley then you’ll certainly want to play this game. And in spite of the issues I have to rate this game a :HIGHLY RECOMMENDED one. If you have the Rare Replay game I suggest you give this game a shot, especially if you’re like me and never tried it before. There are cheats you can type in to make the game easier, give you more lives, unlock levels, and more, so keep that in mind if that’s your thing. If you can get past the issues that are sadly glaring in this game you’ll have a blast. Bad camera angles is one of the top things that derails a game to me, right alongside horrible framerate, and I’ve had no issue looking past it since the game is so much fun. Hopefully the same is true for you as well!

*This is worth an extra mention: this game has more than one cuss word that is visible and can be heard in the game, some scenarios are sexual in nature and again have sound to go alongside it. And there are several other words that are bleeped but you don’t have to be all that smart to know what they’re saying. So if you live in a family environment then I recommend you either don’t play this or play when you’re alone. It’s your choice as to whether a game like this is okay or not, but I wanted to stress that there are more than a few moments that make this game not appropriate for when younger children (or sensitive family members) are in the room. Use discretion.*

Updated: August 27, 2015 — 6:42 pm
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