Classic games as of late.


I’ve played a lot of games lately from all walks of life. From new consoles, old consoles, new games, old games, anything and everything. That’s the bonus of having several game consoles and games to play, may as well enjoy them right? In particular there have been some fun classic games I’ve played lately and I figured I’d write about them! Some of them you’ve likely played, some others you may not have, but either way these games are a blast and I highly recommend them. Here we go!

*NFL Blitz 2000 (PSOne). This game is a joy to play, an absolute joy. I’ve never plated any of the other NFL Blitz games and frankly I need to get around to it because if this one is so great surely one of the sequel ones are good as well. But this game is so much stupid fun that it’s simply impossible to put down. You play as a typical NFL team against another player (because you must play couch co-op with a friend on this game, anything else is a sin) but that’s where the comparison to normal NFL games end. This game is arcade all the way through, from the speed of choosing plays to actually snapping the ball. But that’s not all that’s different. You can beat your opponents and there are no penalties, in fact, there are no penalties or refs at all! You can take a player who’s celebrating a recent touchdown and body slam him with one player and punch him with another! It’s stupid fun that’s so great and I just can’t recommend it enough! Go to and check it out. It’s very affordable right now so please do it!

*Crash Bandicoot 1. This game isNFL a jerk. It tries to kill you in as many ways as possible and it usually achieves what it’s after. Okay this game is actually fun but man it’s hard! It’s much harder then the sequel games that came on the PSOne afterwards for sure. And that’s just in getting from point A to B, not including getting the Gems. In the other Crash games you get the Gems by smashing all of the boxes in a level, which can be tough at times but all in all it’s doable. It’s the same in Crash 1 but you have to do it all on one life, in other words you can’t die at all. Not once. And that’s not exactly too much of a challenge in 2 and 3 but Crash 1 is freaking hard, so it’s tough especially late in the going to accomplish that task. But the game is still fun so get a few friends on the couch and watch each other try to make progress, it’s infuriating at times, but still worth it.

*Crash Team Racing. This game was Naughty Dog’s first shot at having their own mascot racer in a similar manner to the Mario Kart games and they did a very good job. All in all I think the game aged well and is still a blast to play, especially with a friend. Me and a buddy played the other day in a tournament of 4 races and it was a blast playing it and navigating the tracks and enemies, as well as their well played attacks, just like any good time you’d have with Mario and his karting buddies. CTR truly is a wonderful kart game that doesn’t feel like a knock off or anything like that, it feels like a solid very enjoyable game, and the boss races stands it out a bit from the mold which is always a good thing. It offers a lot of challenges to pursue as well so replay value is found all over the place here and that is a great thing.

Those are the main classics I’ve played lately. I’m sure most of you have played Crash at one time or another, from the first game to the karting game, but I’m betting NFL Blitz 2000 hasn’t been played as often, so for sure go for that game! No matter which of them you’ve played or not give them a shot and you won’t regret it! What about you? Which classics have you played lately? Let me know in the comments!

Updated: September 1, 2016 — 3:28 am
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