Christmas week Streaming!


Hello everybody! Today is the 24th which means it’s Christmas Eve! I know that a lot of folks are, for better or worse, going to be busy with seeing family over the next week or so. I certainly hope for the better! That did sound sort of rude to put it that way didn’t it? Anyways, I know it’s a busy time, and that’s just as true for me as anybody else! Mostly because of my work schedule I’ve been on and being sick and needing to rest. Boo. But I do have some gaming plans for the next few days, specifically streaming wise, and I wanted to talk about them for a minute!

I haven’t been streaming as often on Twitch lately, but this week I plan on making some changes there. In fact I did already today. I got in from my work shift around 7AM or so and then after a bit of eating and visiting did a 2 hour NASCAR Heat 3 eSports run! I’m NASCAR Heat 3 eSportstrying to climb the ranks, still have a while to go, but at least I put in some time! And I plan on streaming more of those adventures over the next couple of days. And I started the Evil Within the other day over on Twitch and plan on doing that more this week, plus more Spyro is always in order!

As for the Facebook side of things you can definitely count on more Kingdom Hearts as we build up to the soon to arrive Kingdom Hearts 3! It’s so close guys!! I plan on starting another PSOne Toy Story 2 run as well as doing more on Donkey Kong Country, or maybe even finally start Mega Man Legends 2. I’ve been meaning to get to that game TS2for a while now so it’s a great time to put some time into it! And of course RDR2 online, definitely going to have some fun with that!

Those are the main plans! The few games there. It’ll be a fast, busy week overall so I’m hoping to get to as much as it as possible. But that’s me! What are your plans this week? Have any fun gaming adventures planned? Be sure to drop a comment and let me know what you’re up to! And if you have Smash Bros Ultimate on Switch feel free to add me on there! SW-7342-8979-3878. Let’s get some Smashing in this week!

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