Cancelled Kingdom Hearts phone game: important for Kingdom Hearts 3?


I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ve been following the Kingdom Hearts series since before I even had a PS2 to play the first game. I had the strategy guide and I read it often just so I could immerse myself in that world that much more. Then when I got the game I just fell in love. I love Disney, and have since I was a little kid, and I had also gotten into Final Fantasy, so this game was a dream come true. I’ve been with it ever since and I’ve not let go, even with the crazy and at times convoluted story. I always end up enjoying playing the games so it doesn’t bother me too much that the story has gone a bit haywire at times. If it’s fun that’s good enough. At this point in time we are all waiting on a few things from the Kingdom Hearts world: Kingdom Hearts Chi to be localized, Kingdom Hearts 3, and the *almost* inevitable Kingdom Hearts 3D HD remake.

I’m all for any of the above games to come out soon, especially Kingdom Hearts 3. The others would be fun to have too, especially if they came in 2015 as opposed to a few years down the road. But time will tell when and if these games will come out. (We know for sure Kingdom Hearts 3 will but not the others). But we possibly don’t have to waitStar Wars until Kingdom Hearts 3 is closer to releasing to know a bit of what Square Enix may put in it, at least based on some details that have come to light recently. Square was working on a smartphone Kingdom Hearts game that was called Kingdom Hearts: Fragmented Keys, which was set for 2013 or early 2014 possibly but got cancelled. That part isn’t a major speller for Kingdom Hearts 3. After all, Square has made tons of Kingdom Hearts support games over the years. It’s the worlds that were in the game that makes me think we may have an idea of the worlds that may be in Kingdom Hearts 3.

I’ll list the more major worlds that were going to be in the game: Wreck it Ralph, Frozen, Star Wars, and Tangled. Other worlds were there as well, such as Peter Pan and Snow White, but the first ones there are the major ones. They weren’t in an official game so we can’t be positive we’ll see these worlds later in KH3, but you have to know that since it was at the bare minimum being considered for the game and designed then there was a real chance! We now know for sure that those worlds were being strongly considered for the Kingdom Hearts world, and that very well may carry on into KH3. That’s exciting to me. We have to keep excitement at bay, but I think we’ll honestly see at least some of those worlds in the final KH3 that we all get to play. A studio of Disney Interactive, Wideload Games, were the ones developing the game. That’s important because all of those major worlds come from the Disney side and would need to be approved, Square can’t add them without approval, so the fact that Disney was doing it is a major thing and I think a major indicator of what they would like in the series. Time will tell, but this looks promising when it comes to awesome and unique worlds in the Kingdom Hearts future! Hopefully KH3! Which of the worlds listed would you like to see the most down the road?

Updated: March 28, 2015 — 1:59 am
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