Bubble Craze!


I have played video games ever since I was just a little kid, age 5 being the first age I recall playing any game. It all really started with me and the Sega Genesis alongside Sonic the Hedgehog. And playing the SNES with Mario, Mega Man, and Donkey Kong at my Grandmother’s and cousins houses. Good times. It all just became a strong part of my life, it wasn’t just entertainment, it really hit me on a deep level that not only never went away as I got older. It became more about the science of games, how they affect us in our brains and the pathways created, things of that nature. I’ve had the privilege since 2011 to write about video games, mostly over at the Gamer’s Zone Facebook page, but since 2014 here as well, and I love it.

Well recently my love for gaming got me an opportunity to do something else, outside of “just” playing them or writing about them: I got to help make some! Sure, I more the tester and idea giver than the actual programmer or something to that extent. Programming is still something that’s a bit out of my wheelhouse, so to speak. But I got to help with a game that was released recently on both Apple’s App store and Google’s Play Store, Bubble Craze! Testing it alone during the buildup to release is something unique for a guy who only played video games for years and didn’t attend any college or anything that would give me the shot at this. I just so happen to be around the right people at the right time in life, with the right experience, and it just so happen to work out.

Working on the game was a blast and getting it from one version of itself to another entirely was so much fun! Plus some of my ideas were directly applied right into the game, I mean how can you beat that? It’s the closest a guy like me will ever get to designing his own game and I’m so proud to have been able to take this step into the gaming world, all thanks to the great minds at Prosperative LLC. They really have been great, and are the true brains behind the scenes getting things done and out, and I’m privileged to count myself amount the few who have been on the journey with them in their gaming adventures. There is more to come, of course, so keep your eye out on your smartphone app store, but suffice it to say, it’s all about Bubble Craze right now!

The game, though a throw to Tetris, more reminds me of Dr Robotnick’s Mean Bean Machine. Us Genesis kids from the 90s Bubblesknow the game well, and this game is very similar to that. You take the bubbles as they fall from the top of the screen and simply swipe them into the position you desire! you match 2 (or more) colors to get them to pop and go away, which per the usual builds up your score as you go. But this game has a bit of a twist compared to the other similar games: you start off with bubbles on the stage you need to get rid of first in order to complete a level!

So it’s not simply get so many points and go on to level 2, 3, etc, but you have to clear the screen of the stacked bubbles that start off on the ground per level. It keeps a good challenge in the game and gives it a different feel than what you’d normally expect in a game like this, at least initially. A lot of games like this, such as the aforementioned Bean Machine will have beans start off on the ground as you go, this game has them there right off the bat from level 1 on. So you never have a clear screen, free of bubbles, unless you’ve gotten rid of them all in which case you move on to the next level. And yes, it does get faster and faster as you go, certainly challenging your skills for sure!

All in all I love the game, and no, not just because I’ve worked on it and am promoting it. (Ok, so sure I gotta make it look good lol but still). I really love the game and would love it no matter who developed it, it’s a lot of fun. That’s the thing: I only want to help work on games that I would play, that I think others would enjoy playing, that’s as simple as it gets. And so I’m very proud to announce the game is out and is free to play, so hit either of the links below to get it, give it a review, and let us know what you think!


Google Play

Apple App Store


Updated: March 3, 2017 — 9:17 pm
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