Best video game music?


Music is everywhere. It’s in the commercials we see. It’s in the TV shows we watch. It’s on the radio as you drive. Okay, that last point was a bit silly. But you get it. Music is all over the place, and that most certainly includes video games. Music in games is not only fun to listen to but it’s also helpful at times. There are times the music will change when an enemy is close or when you’re almost caught in something that you need to be sneaky for. There are times the music changes pace when you’re dying to let you know that it’s urgent that you get somewhere safe. It plays for a variety of reasons at a variety of times, and I love it. Most do or there wouldn’t be any need for music in video games. But which game has the best music overall? I’m going to cheat and pick a few different series for best music as opposed to individual games. Here is my list of games that have the best music:

First and foremost I have to give it to Sonic the Hedgehog. It started my gaming off on the best foot possible. The game was flashy, fast, and a lot of fun. It was easy to get through the levels and hard to do all of the bonuses, such as getting the Chaos Emeralds. And the music is great. Just about every level in Sonic 1, 2 and 3, plus Knuckles, have great music. Sonic CD and some of the other different main Sonic games have great music as well, and that continued well into Sonic’s 3D adventures. From Sonic Adventure all the way to the latest Sonic Lost World, the music in Sonic Musicgames has always felt spot on to me. Even if the gameplay was different, aka Werehog, the games always supplied great and fresh music that was enjoyable to listen to as you played. Even the drowning music is great, and the thing of nightmares from my childhood. But the Sonic series isn’t the only one with good music.

Spyro the Dragon, as in the original trilogy, has some great music itself. I love the music in Spyro 1 especially in some of the different levels, like Lofty Castle for an example. All of the music in the first game is good to me, and it got better as the series went on. The homeworlds of Spyro 2 in particular are great to me, the leader being the Winter Tundra. The music in that homeworld is incredibly simple but I love it. It feels peaceful and calm, and sometimes it’s nice to hear music like that when playing a game. The various levels in that game has great music as well, but I think the homeworlds stole the show music wise there. Spyro 3 had a great blend of homeworld and level music as well. I’ve found myself in each of the three main Spyro games playing a level over and over simply because I like the music. Generally I’m playing it over and over trying to find all of the gems or something like that, but it doesn’t hurt my feelings that I love the music so much!

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