Batman TellTale adventures: Choices matter!


I’m just going to cut straight to the chase here: there has been some talk that I’ve seen in varying places online that say the choices in the TellTale Batman game don’t matter overall and that they don’t change the story all that much. And while certain things are going to happen no matter what your choices (which is the case in ALL of the video games like this one; even Mass Effect, you can’t stop the Reapers from arriving it’s going to happen no matter what you choose to do) are in the game there are more than a small amount of ways the games story is presented and changes based on what you choose to do at any given time. And I decided I’d start up a second slot to test theThe Batman boundaries of the game a bit more, making different choices based on some things I learned in my original play through.

And let me tell you, even just changing a few choices here and there has really made this game a different game. Again the core things still happen; no matter what you do at the beginning of the game Falcone will be walking into Wayne Manor. But how you choose to respond to him and talk to him can net VERY different dialog options and the way you’re viewed in the media and in other means as well. Take it from me, everything you can say and do truly affects the story in a wide variety of ways. Are some choices and dialog options larger than others? Yes, some of them will make the game play out very differently than other people and other slots you’ve done in the past while some others won’t change all that much in the game. But just based on doing a few things in a different way in my second slot I can tell you beyond any doubts: the game truly does change depending on how you play, very similarly to a choose your own path comic book.

I don’t want to give any major spoilers for the game but I know that I chose some options in the first slot that went a way I very much wanted at first just to see it really blow up in my face in a way that really let me down in Chapter 4, and it’s things like that and the changes from the start on slot 2 that really drive home how different the story can be as you make choices, and I love that. I really don’t understand at all how people can think this game doesn’t have a lot of options available as far as differences between the way you play; in the very little I’ve hit in Chapter 1 it’s a totally different game from the first time for me. Batman is a great character and this story, the parts that have to be the same no matter what the core story, is a really different beast from anything you’ve seen with the Bat in the past and that is a very good thing.

The tropes you’re so used to really in many LARGE ways don’t apply, so based on that alone this game is worth the play; the fact that your choices truly affect the game is just icing on the cake. Oh, and you play as both Bruce Wayne and The Batman and they are both important to the game and the choices affect both characters, which is really cool all in all. Give the game a shot, you won’t regret it. And yes, once and for all, the game DOES feature changes to the story depending on your choices; you can be very much assured of that fact.


Updated: November 26, 2016 — 10:00 am
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