Batman Arkham Knight: 4 steps to eliminate pre-order complaints.


There have been a lot of complaints surrounding Batman Arkham Knight in the last few months or so. All of them have merit on the one hand but are also ridiculous on the other. I’ve already discussed the complaints about the $40 season pass and how they are ridiculous at best, considering the sheer amount of great add-ons that it brings to the game. And now the big point is all about the pre-order content and how one store has one thing (such as Gamestop exclusively having the Red Hood content and story, or Sony having exclusive access to the Scarecrow missions, at least for a while) while others have other content. There is no way outright, unless you pre-order the game from all of the stores, to get all of the content. So what gives? I’m here to point out some great things to keep in mind in regards to Arkham Knight and what it’ll offer on its own, and at the end I’m going to point out a thing or two to keep in mind with all of the pre-order bonuses. It’s not (hopefully) as bad as it may appear at first glance, just like the season pass. Here we go!

1. Arkham Knight will have a long story. Granted I have no clue how long the base story will be, but you can bet it’ll at minimum be as long as a major feature length film, just on cutscenes alone! That dArkham Knightoesn’t include all of the fighting and navigating you’ll have to do from the start of the game all the way to the end. That included and you’ll be engaging in a story that’s longer than Batman V Superman will be. Or any of the other major comic book films. That’s something, because story is one of the top driving points in a game like this, so knowing it’ll be longer, even at base, than a major film is a great and exciting point. The two other games have fit this bill very nicely so you’d be safe to assume the same will be true here.

2. Riddler trophies. Having said all that I said at point one, eventually you’ll clear the story completely and see all of the cutscenes. Normally this is where a film has its total end. Sure, you can watch it more and more to see goofs or easter eggs, which you can do in a game as well, but as far as the bulk of what the film offers that’s it. Not so in video games. Games offer the ability to replay the story over and over as you would a film but unlike films, games give you the ability also to do other things that don’t directly relate to the main mission/story. In the case of the Arkham games one of the biggest things you can do alongside and after the story is said and done is go after the Riddler trophies. I’ve never personally collected each and every one of the trophies in the past games but they definitely are fun to go for, and offer a lot as far as keeping you busy. I’d throw it out there that there is more to do and go for in the trophies than in the main story of the first two Arkham games. Maybe not as much as far as cutscenes go, but as far as content and keeping you busy? Oh yeah. Chasing down the Riddler and his missions will keep you very busy in Arkham Knight.

3. “Normal” trophies/achievements. Outside of the Riddler trophies in each Arkham game we also have achievements and trophies to aim for as well. Some of which are very challenging, and add even more depth to the game than what even the Riddler trophies do on their own. I’ve also not completed every achievement (for simplicity I’ll just call it that from now on) in any of the previous games, like the Riddler trophies, but they are incredible in what they offer and how much more replay value they give to the games. You can rest assured that Arkham Knight will have a ton of achievements to go for that not only tie into the story and Riddler trophies but also give a lot of other dedicated things for you to go for. All of these points point to a great game that’ll offer a lot to do, but what about those pesky pre-orders?

4. The pre-orders will come later. This isn’t a fact, so don’t take it as such, but just think about it: Why would Rocksteady create content, especially that also has story (think Red Hood for example) and only leave it for certain people who per-order their game at a certain place? In what world does that make ANY sense whatsoever? It doesn’t. Clearly Rocksteady isn’t going to make content and only let a fifth of the purchasers of their game enjoy it, that’s just plain stupid. Look at it this way too: Rocksteady is adding a lot more to the game through the season pass. What stops them from adding the rest of the pre-order content at that time, or even apart from the season pass? I’ll almost bet that all of the content was planned for later add-ons through DLC, and if that’s the case the pre-order ends up being great in another way. If it’s going to cost money to get each individual pre-order bonus later down the road, when it shows up in the game stores, then you don’t have to buy it all since you’ll already have some of it! You’re essentially getting something for free, just for saying “I’ll buy this game”, and you’ll only have to purchase so many other things later when it’s available.

That may not be the case, but I’ll stake some money or something that that’s how it’s going to go down. You are getting something for free now and you’ll not have to buy it later. Sure, you may have to wait for the full package, and that can be annoying. But the rest of the content will arrive later and you’ll have a huge base game to enjoy in the meantime. So I ask: Why so serious? (Had to do that). Enjoy what you’ll have, enjoy your bonus pre-order, and look forward to the future where we know for sure more content will be coming. You can bet that pre-order bonuses will be a part of that.

Updated: May 31, 2015 — 10:52 pm
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