Batman Arkham Asylum and City going next gen?


I believe I’ve mentioned in the past that there are rumors that state that Arkham Asylum and City are going to be coming to next gen consoles, the Xbox One and PS4 specifically, after Arkham Knight comes out. The thought was an intriguing one to me, even if such an idea would be unnecessary in a way. Arkham Asylum and City already look great oRemake?n their original consoles and they still offer a crap ton of things to do after you’ve beaten the main game, thus providing the perfect experience when it comes to games: an enjoyable and lengthy at times main story plus extras that are almost endless. They are still incredible games to play down to this day, so the idea of having them on next gen consoles seems a bit extra at first. Then I began to think about what they could do to make the games even sweeter. If they simply port it with better graphics that would be cool, but there are a few things I’d like to see from such a plan (which seems to be a reality according to one person who took a survey online and screen captured an image, that in part states this: “WB Games is recrafting the critically acclaimed and best-selling titles from Rocksteady Studios, Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, for the next-generation consoles.”)

With that (semi) confirmation out and about I figured it was safe to assume things will happen down the road at some point. With that in mind I’m going to put a bullet point type of list together featuring what I hope to see in such games! This list is in no particular order, just things I’d like to see. Here we go:

-Better graphics. Sure it’s not a major point needed since the originals still look great, but if they’re moving up they may as well look better!

-More story content. I’m not sure how they’d do this, since it’s a port of a finished game, but maybe they’ll be able to add a new main mission or two across each game. That would be awesome and it’s something that people like me, who’ve played the games over and over, would be super pumped to see and play.

-More side missions, such as Riddler trophies. I’ve never collected all of the Riddler trophies in any of the games, but having more to find would be cool for gamers who’ve completed these missions before. Give them and everybody something extra to pursue!

-This one is a bit odd, but a two player (online) mode where somebody can be your spotter in Batman’s ear. Basically it would be online chat that is actually part of the game. The main things that need to happen in game would obviously take precedent over the spotter, but otherwise it would be awesome to have somebody chat to you directly in game and they can have an outside view and give you advice on trophies and enemies. I’m sure this will never happen but I do think it would be awesome!

More could be said as to what I’d want, but like the last point, I know they border on insane so there’s no real point in mentioning them. And besides, it’s all time to focus on the Arkham Knight that we all have been waiting for! I can’t wait for that game. But it is cool to think of something big Arkham wise coming after that game is here already. So keep it in mind! The image that I’m going to use in this post shows a game that is awesome as is, incredible in fact. But it would be pretty cool to see a newer and more polished version show up on the 8th generation consoles! Time will tell.

Updated: May 26, 2015 — 9:12 pm
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