Arkham Origins (Wii U) review.


I bought Arkham Origins on the PS3 day one when it came on the scenes and I really enjoyed the game. There were some major differences with the game, such as Rocksteady not being the creator of the game and both the Joker and Batman had different voice actors. But even with those differences, I really had a great time with the game overall. All of the elements worked out well, from the story to the fighting to everything in between. The different voices take a bit of getting used to, in a way, but I think the different actors did a great job and I wouldn’t be upset if they came back again for another Arkham game. But this review is for the Wii U edition of the game, which I just bought recently. I got it so I could play the game off TV and not be missing from the game while my wife uses the PS3 for gaming or Netflix. So let’s get it started!

Normally I talk in a paragraph or two about what I like about the game, put my likes and dislikes, then leave a score. This time I’m going to put what I like and dislike about theTablet game first and give a score then talk a bit more about the game. It’s different, but why not? It’s fun to change things up here and there anyways. So here we go!

Likes: Off TV Play, good graphics (the best I’ve seen on consoles), great story, fun Wii U tablet interaction when playing on TV.

Dislikes: Missing Cold, Cold Heart DLC, missing multiplayer.

The multiplayer wasn’t rated all that well on any other version of Arkham Origins, so that isn’t a major negative, but I did enjoy playing on that on the PS3 so it would be nice to be able to have it here on off TV play and otherwise. The Cold, Cold Heart Mr. Freeze DLC being missing is a big disappointment for sure, since it does add some fun gameplay that takes place in and around the game and gives you more to enjoy. But it is what it is. All in all I give this version of the game an 8/10. The missing multiplayer and DLC certainly drops the rating to me, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of a purchase!

Specifically for the Off TV play. I don’t care what game it is on the Wii U, any game that supports this feature wins in my book. Especially if you live in a household where the main TV is shared. With this feature you don’t even have to worry about it! You can play the entire game and enjoy everything while not having to use the TV. I like playing on the TV since it naturally looks better there, but it’s entirely playable off TV and that’s a big deal and a major plus. All in all I have to recommend this game to anybody, even if you’ve bought it on other consoles, since the off TV play really gives it that extra edge. If you don’t have to worry about shared TV’s then that may not appeal to you, and that’s fine. But I think it’s still a great version, the best on consoles, so why not give it a look just for fun?

Updated: July 8, 2015 — 7:05 pm
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