Arkham Knight Final Thoughts.


The Batman Arkham trilogy is one of the top received game series of all time. It’s the top coming series of all time easily. Marvel may dominate the big screen but the gaming world is all about DC when it comes to earnings and critical reception. So it was no surprise that many people were pumped for the final (Rocksteady) edition to the Arkham Universe. And rightfully so, because it’s an incredible game that has sold very well and offers so much content it’ll make your head spin. But that doesn’t mean all went well with this game, in fact there were a few things that were plain awful, depending on who you ask. But all in all I think this game was fantastic and offered a ton to do, well worthy of a final game in a series.

But as I said, not all was good with this game. You can’t mention this game and not mention the fail of the PC edition, that was unplayable for most owners of that version of the game. Frame rate was at abysmally unacceptable lows. Glitches were all over the place. Issue after issue plagued the PC version, which clearly wasn’t researched properly before its release. That version of Arkham Knight was one of the worst I love it!launches in gaming history as of late and even in general. I never played that edition, instead sticking with the PS4 version, but you don’t have to play it to read all about it, and that version of the game was a pure nightmare. It never should have been released to be honest. I know a few people who got the PC edition of the game and they have sworn off any further adventures in the game, even on consoles, because this one burned them of the taste. Never a good thing when customers feel that way about your product.

And many people complained that there was too much of the tank in the game for their taste, for all versions of the game. That one is gimmicky to me since it wasn’t necessarily a fail like the PC edition, it’s more of a taste thing. I personally enjoyed the tank battles, though some of them were pretty annoying at times. But a major bulk of people think Rocksteady focused far too much on the Batmobile tank and not enough on pure Batman combat. I don’t think that argument really holds any water, especially when you consider all of the many Augmented Reality challenges that had you on foot, but people are entitled to their opinion, and many hated the tank part of the game. It’s too much of a change from the other games they argue, and they’re right, it’s totally different for sure. I think it’s a good thing but that all comes down to taste.

There were other complaints as well, certainly much more than I remember with the other games, such as the DLC, specifically the length of some of it. Yes, the Catwoman, Harley Quinn, etc missions were on the short side. But what about he Batgirl story DLC? And the Season of Infamy? The Season of Infamy really added a lot to the game, including that one major choice that really was deep for the game. You know the one. The DLC had its shortcomings but it added so much more to the game that it’s impossible to be mad at it, at least in my opinion. All of the costumes, bonus missions, add ons to the story, photo mode, and more. The game truly offers far more than any of the other Batman games. That doesn’t include what the game has on its own, such as the Riddler trophies, multiple hidden easter eggs, story choices ala Mass Effect (even if they only have so much depth), and more. The game certainly had issues, especially the PC version, but overall I truly think Rocksteady delivered the ultimate game. Sure, some people were upset about various things (rightfully so in some cases), but the game all in all offers so much content and fun that it’s incredible. I think it’ll take me forever to fully beat all of the Augmented Reality challenges with each character to 100% completion, and that’s what I’m talking about. I love any game that I can put 60 plus hours into and still have tons to do even after beating the main story and this game offers just that. Far more so than the others. So enjoy the game! Get it on the PS4 or Xbox One for sure, but buy this one if you haven’t already! You certainly won’t be disappointed.

Updated: March 23, 2016 — 5:11 am
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