Arkham Knight Batgirl DLC review.


It’s not often when I’m going to be reviewing DLC, but in the case of Batman Arkham Knight I’m willing to make a few exceptions, for two reasons. For one, love Batman and think it’s one of the best game series out there, so anything that extends its story I’ll be willing to talk about. And for two it’s because the bulk of the DLC that’ll be coming for the game will be more than a quick 10 minute add on so it’s worth a specific review. I have to say that I had a lot of fun with it, and I think this is the way DLC should be when it comes to the rest of Arkham Knight….if not a bit more. Here’s my review!

Okay first and foremost it’s a lot of fun to play as Batgirl. She’s quick and she has some DLCcool hacking abilities that can be used to take down enemies, which I’m a major fan of. There is also quite a bit of dual combat with Robin and I love that so much. The dual combat system is one of the best things Rocksteady did with Arkham Knight, so I was really happy to see it make a comeback with the DLC. The area you play in is cool as well, with a creepy amusement park being your area to explore. On the topic of exploration I’ll tell you, there is plenty to do as far as gliding around and things of the sort, but it’s not nearly as big as the base Arkham Knight game. But it offers way more to explore than any of the other pre-order DLC does, so that’s a good thing.

One of the things I think was a big miss with this DLC was side missions. I’m pretty sure I read official releases and things like that that stated that we’d see side missions with this DLC. There aren’t any. Well let me back up for a second. There aren’t any “normal” side missions, like you’d expect from Arkham games. You can do some of the little challenges and destroy the Joker teeth and things like that after the final fight, so in that sense yes, there are side missions. But again there aren’t any in the traditional sense, and that was a let down. Something is better than nothing however, so you at least have something to pursue after the main story, unlike the Harley or Red Hood DLC. I’ve put in over an hour into the DLC and still haven’t found everything to find yet, so that’s a good sign. I haven’t put too much time into it after beating Joker and Harley but the fact that there is something fresh to seek is a great thing, though I still feel like this was a dropped ball.

The final fight wasn’t too memorable, minus the fact that Harley Quinn was in her original costume! That was cool to see, a definite nod to the old animated series from her past. It was a typical feeling fight with a few moments where you had to hit the right button the right way to keep going. Nothing special, but still a fun dual fight. Overall I have to say I was impressed with this DLC, much more so than the Harley Quinn one from before. It didn’t have as much content as I think it should have, for sure, but I still think it had plenty to offer. I’m the type of person who really enjoyed the Harley Quinn DLC, so naturally I’d like this one too and even more.

Likes: Batgirl is awesome, fun dual fighting, new area to explore, extras to pursue after the main fight.

Dislikes: Didn’t offer as much in the way of side missions as it could have, final fight, while enjoyable, could have had a bit more to it.

Even though my likes and dislikes are about even, which would tend to point to half 5/10 type of score, I give this an 8/10. It’s not perfect but what it does well it does really well, and it’s far and beyond what the other DLC content offered. Now let’s hope the other future story content offers even more than this one did! That would be something to see!

Updated: July 16, 2015 — 1:16 am
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