5 ways Sega proves they’re back (or never left).


Sega is the best and most successful gaming company in the world! Okay okay, so that’s an opinion (unless you look in Brazil only, where Sega is far and away the most successful game company there for real). But I love Sega so I’m allowed to be biased right? Right? Well even if not it’s all good, at least I think so, considering I love all the other guys too; Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Atari, etc I love pretty much all of the big game companies that are still a big force or others from the past. But Sega has my heart and always will! But do they have my heart enough to cause me to write another Ways Sega is still great list? Why, naturally! But why do so again? Well, Sega has done a few new things in the past few weeks that definitely merit attention and reasons why you can still have faith in ole Blue so I figured I’d do an updated list! Let’s get started shall we?Genesis

  1. Sonic is doing well again! Sega did a great job on Sonic Boom Fire and Ice. It’s not just playable, but it’s actually a very fun game, with great variety and challenges to keep it fresh and exciting. Sonic also recently joined the Lego Dimensions world and let me tell you this game is FUN. It has a lot of neat references to past Sonic games and things like that, which is fun, and the world hub you get to explore is a joy to explore, any major Sonic fan that has this game or can get it reasonably will be doing themselves a disservice if they don’t play this game/world/however you want to put it.
  2. Giga Drive. This one I know I’ve talked at length about so I won’t say much about it. But the awesome 3DS Classics games we all love so much? They’re all powered and are allowed to exist because of a new unofficial Sega console, the Giga Drive. And that’s just plain cool that Sega has that around.
  3. Daytona USA!!!! (Arcades). Sega never quit making arcade games and that’s one of the coolest facts about them, at least to me. They recently unveiled a brand new Daytona USA game that’ll be coming soon and the game looks great, in many ways it looks better than the latest official NASCAR game on PS4 and Xbox One so it’s nice to see Sega have their own bullet in the world of NASCAR (even if only from the cars/Daytona standpoint) and it to look so great and fun. That’s what games are all about! Plus there are other great arcade games and some of them even are based on Nintendo such as Mario and Sonic Olympics games and Luigi’s Mansion. #GenesisDoes
  4. The Sega Genesis/Mega Drive is being recreated in Brazil! Which is not only their market so that’s cool but the console is made to represent the original Mega Drive and it is supposedly not an emulation console but rather is based firmly on the specs/hardware of the original as well, which definitely makes me much more interested. But it’s only being released in Brazil, so it’ll be hard to come by one.
  5. Sonic Mania! I know, this is technical since the first point is all about Sonic games, but those are not only games that are out now but games that can’t measure up to the hype and hope of Sonic Mania. This game looks incredible and it’s all about what would life be like if Sega released a Sonic games on the Saturn? The game looks like it’ll destroy the Sonic Cycle once and for all time (well….unless we get another Sonic ’06…yikes).

Sega is still in the game guys! I love what they are putting out and with new things like Daytona, some new Sonic games, new Genesis/Mega Drive and Mania coming soon they don’t look to be dying anytime soon for sure. Guys, we have Nintendo with full strength in some ways and Sega with full strength in others. We have a new NES out and soon a new Mega Drive. It’s the 90s again! Just never forget: Sega beat Nintendo in Brazil, and will always be ahead there. Just a fun tidbit lol.


Updated: November 28, 2016 — 1:19 am
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