3 tips that’ll help you in your wait for Star Wars the Force Awakens!


Star Wars. Those few words have likely had an effect on you at one time or another. Star Wars is a major cultural phenomenon, spanning all types of entertainment from video games to books to films to cartoons and more! You either find yourself a fan of the series and all it represents or you don’t like it that much, citing it’s for nerds who live with their mothers and the like. Of course there are people who are neutral; don’t care one way or the other. But it seems like there are by far more that are either pro or con on Star Wars. The original trilogy blew expectations away when it first came out in theaters and spawned tons of other great memorabilia and merchandise based on the films, that went on even more when the prequel trilogy started to arrive with Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Star Wars was always large and it has only gotten larger, even more so in recent times with the learning of for sure 3 new major Star Wars films, Episodes VII, VIII, and IX. Oh and don’t forget that there will be made for TV films based on the Star Wars universe coming out in the next few years as well. A ton of momentum exists in the world of Star Wars and understandably so. But not all is good.

What isn’t good you may ask? Well if you’re a hater then you’ll find plenty to not think is good, but overall I mean this in a somewhat deceptive way. The not good part of it all is that we still have to wait until next month to see the new film! I know, not that big of a deal to wait a month, but when it’s a major film you’re wanting to see it’s hard. It’s even harder when the film is a Star Wars one. Especially one that has Harrison Ford in it, and Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher. And less CGI. And new directors taking a stab at it all. Yeah I’m pretty sure I don’t need to point any more reasons why we’re all in bad spot right now. So how can you make the wait easier? The odds are likely that by now you have your method down as to your wait for the film. Whether it’s watching the older films a lot, the cartoons, playing with some of the cool toys, or whatever, you likely have your plan down and pat. But for those of you that don’t I think I have 3 pretty solid focuses for you to have in order to make the wait that much more bearable! Here’s a major thing all of my tips contain in some form: canon. The Star Wars official canon was updated after Disney bought it up and I’ll be posting tips that only relate to official canon, in case that’s important to you. Here are the tips that think can help the wait!

Tip #1: Watch the Clone Wars Cartoon. A lot of people watched this cartoon back when it was on the air (outside of re-runs) but I wasn’t one of them. I’m not sure why but I just never gave it a shot. But recently I was doing a little digging into what’s considered the new official canon because that sort of thing matters to me, at least a bit. I enjoy plenty of things that are now no longer considered canon but I do try to aim for this type of thing. Well guess what? The entire Clone Wars cartoon is deemed official canon to the new Star Wars story. If you’re like me and haven’t watched an episode until lately this gives you a TON of great Star Wars conRISE VADERtent to enjoy, which definitely helps in the wait for Episode VII. Some of the voice work in this series is from the actors who played the characters in the films, so that’s a great bonus. *The new Star Wars cartoon, Star Wars Rebels, is canon as well, so that can count for this list too, but the Clone Wars is on Netflix and offers more content for now so that’s why it’s my focus.*

Tip #2: A series of new Star Wars books. All of the major books you’ve loved and read over the years? Yup, no longer considered canon. They are still around under the Star Wars Legends banner, so they exist and have steam, but they are no longer considered canon to the series anymore. But fear not! There are a few books that have been released recently that are a part of the new official canon of Star Wars. One such book I bought and downloaded on my Amazon app on my smartphone, the book being called Star Wars A New Dawn. It’s part of a new series of books, so if you are wanting a few to read then you can start here and move to others from there. There may be a book or two I’ve missed that are considered canon now but they aren’t all that numerous, so I recommend starting at A New Dawn. It also goes side by side with the new Rebels cartoon so if that’s important to you there’s that as well. I haven’t gotten too far in the book but I have to say it’s really well written and I enjoy what I’ve seen so far, so if the quality of the future canon books follow this I’ll be happy, and I know I won’t be the only one. Reviews on Amazon have it at a good average score which is always good. You never know when you can fully trust reviews but in my experience with Amazon typically if it’s reviewed highly it’s good. Again my personal experience.

So you may have read all of the 960 or so words until this point and be thinking “isn’t this a video game page? Why are you only talking about books and tv shows?” Well worry not, I’ve saved the best for last! Well all three tips are actually good, but the last one is all about video games so it makes more sense for my page. I don’t mind dabbling in TV shows and things like that, since I see a lot of other major game sites do that, but I do like making sure there is a gaming angle since this page is all about games. So here we go!

Tip #3: Star Wars Uprising app video game (keep eyes out for more games). This game is, to the best of my knowledge, the first Star Wars video game that’s a part of the new official canon, picking up shortly after Episode VI and is dealing with the aftermath of the Battle of Endor that saw Lord Vader and Emperor Palpatine meet their defeat at long last. This game shows that the Empire didn’t die with the top dogs, which we obviously know based on Episode VII, but this is the first official game to traverse this time frame, and I’m thrilled for that. Where does this put the awesome games like Force Unleashed and Knights of the Old Republic? Unless I missed something those are part of the Legends too, with the canon even as far as games being wiped out until now. By no means does that mean those games aren’t epic, at all, but canon is canon. The director of the game said that was a huge opportunity to be the first post-Jedi canon project, so that for sure shows where the new canon is in the gaming world. In spite of the fact that it’s a smartphone game it plays very easily and well, and the graphics are very solid too. You use your finger to play, such as telling your character where to go and how to attack, among other things, and it actually works quite well. I was worried at first, because it looked like a great game from the screenshots, and it worried me that a smartphone only game with touch controls wouldn’t be that much fun, but boy was I wrong! If you have an android phone or iOS then I highly recommend you download it. It’s free and you can beat the entire game without spending money, as long as you’re patient and play well. Games like this want you to buy extra stuff but you don’t need to take the plunge, so don’t feel pressured. This is the first post Jedi game that’s canon so any others just follow this, this is the key one I wanted to mention, similar to the one book as the lead.

So to sum it up, what was the point of these tips? These all directly push into Star Wars Episode VII in an official way, so if you keep yourself busy with these three things you’ll have a ton of great content to make the wait easier for the upcoming film. You can do anything you want naturally, and this list doesn’t include toys and all of their awesome varieties, so feel free to pursue all you want and let me know some of your top ones! But I think these 3 are great since they’re fun in their different forms and they are part of the new canon, which adds even more to it. Again, feel free to let me know what you plan doing to keep the wait bearable until Episode VII! What are your tips?

Updated: November 9, 2015 — 6:21 am
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